Endorsements for the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth

"Carol's family is thrilled with the idea of a labyrinth in Winnipeg in celebration of her life and work. Complex, creative, challenging, surprising, embracing - a labyrinth is a perfect symbol of Carol."
The Shields Family

"Not only as her publishers, but as her friends, all of us at Random House of Canada are delighted to contribute to such a tangible, apt and intriguing memorial to Carol Shields. We can't wait to be able to walk in it, in the wonderful city of Winnipeg, which featured so prominently and warmly in Carol's art and her life."
Anne Collins, Publisher, Random House Canada

"A Memorial Labyrinth in honour of Carol Shields would be an excellent addition to our city and a fitting tribute to one of Canada and Manitoba's foremost literary figures. Carol Shields found inspiration in our city and province, and it is only fitting that we in turn be inspired by her incredible contribution as a writer and a friend. Carol immortalized the labyrinth in her novel, Larry's Party. It's our turn to immortalize Carol Shields in a labyrinth in her honour right here in Winnipeg."
Gary Doer, Premier of Manitoba

"A Labyrinth Memorial to celebrate the contribution of Carol Shields to literature, to Winnipeg, to Manitoba, and to Canada is a most fitting tribute for a woman who made us proud. A link to her most celebrated work, situated in the City that nurtured her incredible gift, is a wonderful idea and will leave a lasting legacy of a dear friend."
Glen Murray, former Mayor of Winnipeg

"Let me take this opportunity to offer my support for your endeavours to establish a Memorial Labyrinth in recognition of the contribution that Carol Shields has made to Winnipeg. Her prominence in the international literary community has certainly helped spread the word about our wonderful City. A Labyrinth would be a fitting tribute. If plans have not yet been finalized, I would certainly welcome this project in the St. Norbert Ward. The tranquil setting of Kings Park close to the University of Manitoba would be an ideal location and a labyrinth would be a wonderful addition to Park amenities."
John Angus, former City CouncillorSt. Norbert Ward

“Shields had a profound impact on the people of our city. . . one of our most recognizable citizens. This is a great fit for us.”
Justin Swandel, City Councillor, St. Norbert Ward

"I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to Carol Shields, one of Canada's most beloved authors, than a memorial labyrinth. Original , inspiring, yet understated - like the author herself - it s a fine way to recognise the remarkable contributions Ms. Shields made to the cultural fabric of Canada. I strongly support this endeavour."
Reg Alcock, P.C., M.P. , President of Treasury Board and Minister Responsible for Canadian Wheat Board

"I strongly support the proposal for a Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth. Ms. Shields was not only a gifted writer and grand story-teller but also a strong supporter of Winnipeg where she made her home for more than 20-years. We were proud to call her one of our own and she will be long remembered for her contributions to the arts and culture communities of Winnipeg."
John Harvard, P.C., M.P.

"This project is an excellent way to pay tribute to a literary icon. Carol Shield's incredible talent was fostered in Winnipeg and there is no place more fitting for her to be remembered. The building of a Labyrinth to memorialize her will provide people with a space to enjoy nature, to contemplate life, to nurture their soul, and encourage them to spend time dreaming."
Marilyn Brick, MLA for St. Norbert

"The Playwrights Guild of Canada extends whole-hearted support for the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth. The labyrinth has a rich history, and is found in ancient and modern cultures around the world. The feature of making the labyrinth wheelchair accessible, adds inclusiveness to this ancient and enduring form. It is a most fitting way to honour a Canadian novelist and playwright whose works have gained international acclaim."
On behalf of President Vern Thiessen and the Playwrights Guild of Canada, Gail Nyoka, Vice President

"The Labyrinth Society, which has many Canadian members, strongly supports the building of labyrinths in community settings. Labyrinths play a part in communities worldwide, as they have done for centuries, combining an enduring symbol with a playful and spiritual significance that reflects the nature of life itself. Many of us have been influenced by Carol Shields' book, Larry's Party. A memorial labyrinth in a beautiful garden in Winnipeg would aptly commemorate both the book and its author, and would be a fitting tribute to a remarkable woman."
The Labyrinth Society, New Canaan CT, Kimberly Lowelle Saward, Ph.D., President

"Carol Shields was a literary beacon in Winnipeg for over twenty years. The idea of a labyrinth to celebrate and memorialize her life and work is a fitting one. Carol would have loved it. We shall walk the meditative paths of a living garden, Larry's Party in hand."
Holly McNally, McNally Robinson Booksellers

"We are delighted to honour Carol Shields and contribute to Winnipeg’s architectural heritage with this innovative design. Accessible to all, this amphitheatre-like garden labyrinth will create an inviting destination and sense of place. The dynamic interplay of flowing pathways, cozy nooks, expansive spaces and ever-changing views and vistas offers something for everyone."
Rudy P. Friesen, Friesen Tokar Architects

"A memorial to Carol Shields in her home town of Winnipeg will be a tremendous asset to Winnipeg and Manitoba. Being in business in Manitoba for nearly 80 years, the Murray family supports the commemorative labyrinth for Carol Shields. We are very pleased to be on board as an initial corporate sponsor and are committed to the success of this worthwhile project."

"I am delighted to endorse the proposal for the "Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth". I can think of a no more fitting tribute to Carol than a labyrinth with international appeal and located in her adopted city of Winnipeg where she wrote most of her literary works."
Emoke J.E. Szathmary, President and Vice Chancellor University of Manitoba
"A Canadian literary treasure, Carol Shields will always have a place in Manitoba's writing and publishing community as one of its best, brightest and most talented authors of our generation. She will be remembered for her generosity with new and emerging writers, her dedication to the art and craft of writing and her wonderful books, which are a significant part of her legacy. The Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth will be an important city landmark for those seeking inspiration, creativity and encouragement."
Robyn Maharaj on behalf of the Manitoba Writers Guild, Prairie Fire Press and the Winnipeg International Writers Festival

"Carol Shields made an enormous contribution to The University of Winnipeg during her time as Chancellor, enriching life here in all of its aspects, and representing the University to itself and to the world with profound humanity. We miss her and will always remember her. We are pleased to endorse the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth.
Patrick Deane, Vice-President (Academic) and Acting President University of Winnipeg

"She was a prominent figure in the Arts and Culture communities of Winnipeg. Her books were often set in Winnipeg and she was a staunch promoter of Winnipeg as she traveled around the world At the time of her death, the city--and the whole country mourned. This memorial would be a lasting indication of the vital, prominent role she played here and also the wealth of love and respect she inspired."
Marjorie Anderson, former professor at the University of Manitoba, communication consultant through her company, Wordwise, edited the two Dropped Threads books with Carol Shields.

"What a fitting tribute to Carol Shields a Labyrinth would be, reflecting, as it does, one of her particular interests and her great sense of fun. For the people of Winnipeg who knew her personally or through her work, it would be a living, growing testimonial to the love shared between Carol and her chosen city. For future generations it would be a reminder that there once lived among us an exceptional writer, an outstanding citizen, and a person of great warmth and humanity."
Bill Neville, former City Councillor , Winnipeg Free Press columnist, and Head, Department of Political Studies, University of Manitoba

"This project will combine culture, recreation, and spiritual awareness. It will remind Winnipeggers, and the world, of the incredible talent that is nurtured here. Combining the inspiring profile of Carol Shields and the grandeur of a locally designed garden labyrinth will attract people from all over the world to our city."
Anne Nesbitt, Executive Director of the Manitoba Labyrinth Network

"Creative Retirement offers numerous Labyrinth courses each year as part of its broad spectrum of lifelong learning opportunities for seniors. A recent community development project co-ordinated by Creative Retirement resulted in a"Lifelong Learning Labyrinth" Mural on the north wall of our building. The mural includes an image of Carol Shields. We believe the memorial labyrinth would be a very fitting tribute to this remarkable woman while providing a place for people of all ages to walk the meditative pathway in an outdoor setting."
Creative Retirement Manitoba

"I am writing to endorse the building of a labyrinth to memorialize Carol Shields, whose novel, Larry's Party, had a labyrinth as an integral part of the story. Labyrinths in public places are becoming more and more popular because they appeal to so many different kinds of people. Children love to run them, older folks like to walk them meditatively, but mostly, they are a way of having a number of people, who might not ordinarily mix, walk together on a path that leads to peace and remembrance. "
Sig Lonegren M.A., Glastonbury, England, Founding Member of The Labyrinth Society, author - Labyrinths: Ancient Myths _ Modern Uses - www.geomancy.org

"Having built more than 800 labyrinths in the past nine years, including a number of public labyrinths, I strongly endorse the inclusion of labyrinths in public places. Labyrinths are beneficial in many ways, fun for the children (who usually run the circuits), calming for the adults, balancing, meditative, focusing. Labyrinths can take us past our surface concerns to wells of deep creativity. What could be more fitting as a memorial to Carol Shields? Labyrinths help organize the site, visually, and our experience of the site (directing our walking). This offers an added and interesting aspect to a public park in addition to open spaces, sports facilities, or picnic areas. I congratulate all involved for having the insight and talent to bring this project to fruition. "
Robert Ferre, St. Louis, MO, Labyrinth Enterprises, author - The Labyrinth Idea Book and The Labyrinth Revival - www.labyrinth-enterprises.com

This proposal for the installation of a Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth in Winnipeg will create a fitting and lasting memorial to a woman whose book "Larry's Party" is one of the greats of modern Labyrinth Literature. The creation of labyrinths in public spaces is a custom that stretches back across the centuries, around the world. The construction of this Memorial Labyrinth in Winnipeg will forever link the city and the memory of Carol Shields to that tradition."
Jeff Saward, Thundersley, England, editor of "Caerdroia - the Journal of Mazes _ Labyrinths " and author of "Labyrinths _ Mazes - A Complete Guide to Magical Paths of the World" (Lark Books, New York, 2003) - http://www.labyrinthos.net

"I can think of no greater tribute to Carol Shields and the City of Winnipeg than to honor her in this way. By creating a labyrinth in her name, will be to literally walk into one of the themes of her books, which have brought so much enrichment to readers everywhere."
Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D., Santa Rosa, CA ,The Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation www.srlabyrinthfoundation.com

"The Toronto Labyrinth Community Network is pleased to endorse the establishment of a labyrinth in a Winnipeg public park to honour the memory of beloved and internationally acclaimed Canadian author Carol Shields. We believe that labyrinths in public spaces can have a beneficial effect in bringing people together and improving urban life."
Toronto Labyrinth Community Network

"We on the executive of the Edmonton Labyrinth Society heartily endorse the proposal to construct a labyrinth in a public space as a memorial to Carol Shields as well as a contribution to the quality of life for citizens and visitors in Winnipeg."
Charles Bidwell, President and Susan Carnahan, Secretary, Edmonton Labyrinth Society

"The new labyrinth would be a place of peace and tranquility for those reflecting upon life and grieving lives lived; it would also provide a source of quiet inspiration and energy renewal for our volunteers who support those who are grieving or who are facing an advanced illness."
Hospice _ Palliative Care Manitoba