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Labyrinth Partners

The Winnipeg Foundation
Jack and Rea Nesbitt
Family Fund
The Shields Family

Rieta Rinckens
and Family


Joan _ Jack Clark, St. John's, Newfoundland
Sheldon Bowles, Winnipeg
Marilyn Burt, Winnipeg
Rea Nesbitt
, Winnipeg
Dianne Beaven, Winnipeg
Doug Bailey, Winnipeg
Jacqueline Wasney _ Jeffrey L. Allston, Winnipeg
Anne Fairley, Winnipeg
Timothy James Preston, Winnipeg
Clinique Youville Clinic Inc.
Doris Lemoine, Winnipeg
Brenda Batzel, Winnipeg

Bench Supporters:
Rieta Rinckens, Winnipeg
Marj _ Gil Goodman, Winnipeg
Nettie Peters, Winnipeg

Garden Supporters:
Florrie _ Doug Loly
- donated by: Pam Andrew, New Zealand and Peter Loly, Winnipeg
Douglas _ Irene Shields, Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Royal Bank, Pembina _ Kirkbridge Branch
- donated by: Dwayne Herman, Kimberley Imesch, Peter Chan and Shirley Ma, D.A. Busch, Pamela Sellers, Gay Wiley, Evelyn Resler _ Mary Buchanan
The Estate of Douglas G. Mitchell

In Memory of Pamela Margaret Mason
- donated by: Department of Anthropology, University of Manitoba, Anthropology staff and
In memory of Margarete L. Martens (nee Penner) 1936 – 2005
- donated by: Heather Martens-Rempel, John W. Martens, Lynn Forbes, Laura J. Fehr

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Maggie Brunner
Valerie Graham
Dorothy Francis
Christine Ste. Marie
Abbey Ste. Rose
Peggy Delaney
Joanne Stevens
Leslie Sherry
Pat Penn
Allison Bailes
Donna Swistun
Veronica Michalishyn Miles
Gwen Binkley
Marianne Primeau
Marion Bartley
Ruth Hamer
Linda Miller
Sandra Narvey
Sue Taylor
Saowalee Coyle

John _ Rosemary Laevens
Isabel _ Ron Hayes
William Neville
William _ Frances Magas
- donated by Tim Magas
Ecole St. Avila
Victoria Community Labyrinth Society
- donated by: Galen Bullard, Aryana Rayne, Linda Bartram, John Rayne, Judy Keenan, Lois Lawrie, Dr. Donald M. Little, Pat Danforth, Josie Horsman, Chantal Hoyne O’Brian
Barrie Norris Currie 1932-2005

- donated by the Currie Family
Michael, Dona, Cheryl, Ryan _ Rory ffrench
“The Scent of the Rose Lingers Still.”
- donated by Mary James
Eugene _ Julia Milani
- donated by Clara Fjeldsted
Alison Scott 1967 – 2008
- donated by Jocelyne Scott

Buxton Road
Rea _ Jack Nesbitt _ Family
- donated by: Anne, Kathie, John _ Gordon
Yvonne _ Bill Hudson _ Family
Mary _ Bill Baxter _ Family
- donated by: Rea Nesbitt
Ken _ Pat Scott _ Family
- donated by: Charlie _ Barb
Bob _ Mary Tucker
- donated by: Jane and Don Walters and Family
Tom _ Betty Marumoto
- donated by: Naomi Yuen, Marina Cram _ Cheryl Marumoto
Sheila _ Larry Gunn
- donated by: Mary Baxter _ Rea Nesbitt

Marilyn Brick, MLA – St. Norbert
Eden Memorials Lorne Raber CM
Steved Iwaniw, Dennis Pelland, Claire Walter
Dave Ling _ Tim Preston

Patricia Avenue
Katherine _ Gert Martens
Andrew, Rose-Anne _ Anne Nesbitt

King's Drive
Penny _ John Zonneveld
Jack _ Owen Zonneveld
- donated by: Penny Roadley _ John Zonneveld
Sophie _ Ava Monson
- donated by Maureen _ Ron Monson
Ben, Grace _ Matthew Amadeo
- donated by Maureen _ Ron Monson

Robynne Anderson _ David Barrett
- donated by: Joan Anderson

Clara Tranquilla
- donated by: Beverly Chen
Kevin, Samantha, Lindsay Wu
- donated by Mary Shum Wu
Patrick C Y Wu
- donated by Mary Shum Wu
Shuk Wah Lee Shum
- donated by Mary Shum Wu
Heather A. Anderson
- donated by Terry Brownlee
Rick Fife's 50th
- donated by Hope Carroll

Bud _ Anne Fairley
Ross Moroz
- donated by: Anne Fairley
Anne Fairley
- donated by: the Moroz family
Aurise Kondiziela
Suzanne _ Bill Newman
- donated by: Penny Roadley _ John Zonneveld
JoAnne Green Ray, Little Rock, Arkansas
Anne Friesen
- donated by: Carissa Wieler
Wareham _ Crowe Electric Ltd.
Creative Retirement Manitoba Inc.
Beverly Chen
Ed _ Joan Sawatzky
Lakeside Labyrinth Nelson, B. C.
- donated by: Nelson Community Labyrinth Group
Mr. _ Mrs. R.N. Henriksen
- donated by: Dr. Judith Irwin _ Dr. Richard Henriksen
One More Time Trio – Mae, Elsie, Andy
- donated by: Andre Soulodre
Aimee Ryan _ Mark Watson
- donated by: Jeannette Timmerman _ Peter Loly
Erin _ Dale Malcolm
- donated by: Jeannette Timmerman _ Peter Loly
Jim _ Heather Smith
Hugh R. A. Forbes - 1941-2007
- donated by: Jim _ Heather Smith

Don _ Erna Kyliuk _ Family
Betty Turnbull _ Family
Janet Thomsen
Marguerite Edna Chown
- donated by: Mary Louise Chown
Buchannon/Langlois Family
- donated by: Ed _ Audrey Langlois
Anna-Maria Stein _ Family
- donated by: Deann, David _ Lily Hasinoff
Wai Han Ho Lee
- donated by Mary Shum Wu

Chelsea, Jaime _ Gramma C.
- donated by Laura Clark
Love Brooke, Sierra, Amber
- donated for Booke Smith, Sierra _ Amber Jensen by
Monica Smith
Monica Smith
Barb _ Dale Kendel
Mary T Y Shum Wu
David A. Grierson - 1955 - 2004
- donated by Charles _ Marjorie Grierson

N. Mutchmor _ N. Soliman
Don _ Florence Whitmore
Valerie Larson
- donated by Sandra Larson
My Walking Group Est. 2005
Doug _ Diane Belcher
Marjorie Anderson

Patricia McAvity
Margaret Bertulli
Anne Yanchyshyn _ Virginia Andrew

Writers Row
Blanche _ Allison Howard
Edith Friesen
Wednesday Women Writing Group
Carissa Wieler
- donated by Edith Friesen

Book Club Circle
Millennium Book Club 2001
Volunteer Manitoba Book Club
Venus Rising Writing Group
Lit Circle Since 1995
BRA Book Club
Circle of Friends Book Club
Strong _ Beautiful Book Club
The Book Babes Book Club
Friends in Council 3 O’clock Club
That meets at 2:00

- donated by: Sylvia Squire, Marion Neild, Dora Carpenter, Maryann Peterson, Florence Christie, Carol Fletcher, Dorothy Wilson, Gwen Groff, Ann Mounce

Marianne J. Hurley
Joan _ Fraser Linklater
Beverley _ Fletcher Linklater
- donated by Joan _ Fraser Linklater
Pauline _ Leonard Peto
- donated by Joan _ Fraser Linklater
Debra Hathaway
Vivian Hrynko
- donated by Debra Hathaway
Heather Johnson
- donated by Marlene Harlock
Dawn Gair
Doris Lemoine
Frank _ Judy Lamont
- donated by: Laura Kirkland
Lori Blight _ Tanya Talabis
- donated by Melanie Sourisseau, Marissa Becker, Shona Eisbrenner, Diane Foidart, Krystal Simpson, Sylvia Smith, Katina Wall
Sandrea Clauson
- donated by Louise Kelso _ Sarah Anne Kelso
Camille Cloutier My Friend
- donated by Susan Nisbet
David Livingston _ Brenda Bailey
Elisabeth _ Peter Boileau
- donated by Frank _ Jocelyn Boileau
Alice _ Maurice Boileau
- donated by Frank _ Jocelyn Boileau
Helena Rigatto
- donated by friends of Helena Rigatto
Genora Whitworth
- donated by friends of Genora Whitworth
Kathy Cullen - 2010
- donated by Gyl _ Leslie Toshack

Jo Anne Storozinski
Ada Allen
Red Hat Ladies
Gayle Ferguson

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Happy 60th Birthday to Penny Webber
- from Brenda Plummer _ Roberta Good
Happy 80th Birthday to Rea Nesbitt
- from Norma Ferguson, Shirley Kirton, Donna Johnston _ Sheila Murphy
Happy 60th Birthday to Roberta Good
- from Brenda Plummer _ Penny Webber


Arleen _ Mrs. Turner
- donated by Janice Sewell


Fort Richmond Y Neighbours, Winnipeg
Penhandlers Club, Winnipeg
L’Arche Winnipeg Inc. Administrative

In Kind Supporters

Chantal Alary
Ginette Alary
Gerry Alary
Marc Alary
Jonathan Trenholm
Sophie Leuthner
Garth Fallis
Laurie Howard
Prairie Originals
Shelmerdine Garden Center Ltd.
Starbucks Coffee
Brewers Direct
Royal Bank
Canada Safeway Limited
The Real Canadian

Ron, Isabel _ Tangene Hayes
Janice Butcher
Margaret Bertulli
Stefan Fediuk
Heather _ Jim Smith
Rea Nesbitt
Ollie Goodes
The Friends of the Assiniboine Park Conservatory
Herb Society of Manitoba
Manitoba Tourism Education Council
Blackhole Theatre
Prairie Theatre Exchange
Manitoba Theatre Centre
Winnipeg Audio Visual

Nicolle Soliman
Pat Trim
Dona ffrench
Janice Prochera
Katherine Martens
Gert Martens
Anne Nesbitt
Ark Publishing
Word Wise Communications
Holiday Inn Astoria Park Avenue Family Restaurant
Medusa 2000
Lacoste Garden Centre
MacDonald's Restaurants
Shoppers Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart

Larry's Parties

Millenium Book Club, Winnipeg
Elane Talbot, Winnipeg
Linda Norman, Winnipeg
Andrea Thiessen, Winnipeg
Fay Ernst, Winnipeg
Linda Norman, Winnipeg
Wendy Waggoner, Winnipeg
Joanne Klumper, Headingly

Books 4 Us, Winnipeg
Dianne Cooper, Winnipeg
Margaret Gilbart, Winnipeg
Pat Hurlburt, Winnipeg

Friends of the Environment
Barb Findlay, Winnipeg
Larry Krause, Winnipeg
Kathy Gerylo, Winnipeg
June Slobodian, Winnipeg
Patti Keating, Winnipeg
Carole Shankaruk, Winnipeg
Helen Forest, Winnipeg
Regina Novek, Winnipeg
Glenna Lambert, Winnipeg
Ginny Campbell, Winnipeg
Pat McNeil, Winnipeg

Manitoba Tourism Education Council
Manitoba Tourism Education Council
Rose-Anne Nesbitt, Winnipeg
Tanya Kidd, Winnipeg
Krista Newton, Winnipeg

Fort Richmond Friends
James Smith, Winnipeg
Dr. John Bond, Winnipeg
Anne Nesbitt, Winnipeg

Women and Words Writers Group
Laura Atkinson, Winnipeg
Patricia Sadowy, Winnipeg
Brigitte Diop, Winnipeg
Ms. R. J. Stevenson, Winnipeg
Diana Gordon, Winnipeg
Nurit Drory, Winnipeg
Jacqueline Rittberg, Winnipeg
Beverly Greenberg, Winnipeg
Edith Friesen, Winnipeg
Libby Simon, Winnipeg
Katherine Martens, Winnipeg

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